Woodland Creatures Redux

Hi gang!

I have recently decided to update our popular Woodland Series Embroidery Templates. There are small copy tweaks to make the directions clearer, the artwork has been fussed with a little bit here and there, but the biggest change as been the addition of a second design transfer option. Each animal can now can be embroidered in a rectangular or a circular design. Here is an example of both versions of Fox:

The amount of downloads and mentions for this series we've had across the online crafty community makes us blush with pride. The thought of someone taking the time and effort to stitch one of our designs is really an honor. Please don't hesitate to send us pictures of your finished objects! We'd love to see them.

Speaking of finished objects. I've chosen to sew a little fabric around my embroidery before framing. Sort of like it's matted. Here are some quick camera-phone photos I snapped in Little Bear's room this weekend.

So, if you're a stitcher, check out all four updated designs from the Free Patterns tab above. Bear, Fox, Hare, and Owl are all available individually as printer-friendly pdf downloads. Also, if you're new to embroidery, please check out our Embroidery Lessons to help you get started.


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