About Us

Cassandra and Alex met at work - where they slaved away together for 13 years (until Alex abandoned Cassandra for a new company). Cassandra likes to say that they were like "an old pair of shoes" - they just fit. As a designer and writer respectively, they have naturally dove-tailing creative abilities and really enjoy the collaborative process. Like Lennon and McCartney before them, their combined efforts are greater than the sum of their parts. (Yeah... they went there.)

Their patterns can be found featured on some wonderful crafting sites, such as All Free Knitting, All Free Sewing, and Craft Gossip. You can download patterns from their Mighty Distractible pages on Craftsy and Ravelry.

And, undoubtedly, their proudest achievement to date is to have been selected for and published in Heather Ordover's amazing collection of knitting patterns, What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?. They will also be participating in Heather's next book in the series, What Would Madame Defarge Knit?: Shakespeare Edition.

Mighty Distractible is not just a cute name... Come, enjoy the randomness of our thoughts.

Antique Hat Pins
As Seen on TV
Blogging 101 
Canning Tomatoes
Convertible Craft Room
Dark Shadows
Ghost Hunters
Horror Movies
Little House 
Make Your Own Hand Lotion Bars
Maximum Efficiency Gardening
Milwaukee's Sheep in the City Event 
Pax Prime vs Dragon*Con
Pioneer Soap Making
Saint Nicholas
Terrarium Tutorial - "Is It Spring Yet?"
The Prisoner
The Rapture 
Wisconsin Film Fest
Worlds Colliding


  1. Hello Cassandra and Alex!

    I think your blog is absolutely awesome!

    How can one get in touch with you by mail?


  2. Thanks Mitko. We're glad you like the blog! It's definitely a labor of love for us.

    We can always be reached at mightydistractible@gmail.com.

    - Alex and Cassandra

  3. LERVE the slightly alarming yearnfully optimistic whimsical nature of your facial expressions!

  4. You two are goddesses and I love what you do!! :) Following you will be an honor. I bow to you, my lovelies. Fellow goddess in Northern California

  5. I am interested in the vintage patterns of the apron and the blue dress can I buy a patteren out right from you.