You Are Number 6

Today's Speak Out with your Geek Out post is about a retro British TV program Alex and I love very much. As big fans of the old-school shows from across the pond, we could be referring to Monty Python, Dr. Who, Dave Allen at Large (this might technically be Irish), or even Benny Hill. But no, our geek lies today at the foot of The Prisoner.

Mod, mod, mod.
The Prisoner is an adventure TV series that ran from September 1967 to February 1968. Part spy thriller, part sci-fi, and part mod. Think way of Carnaby Street.

He spends most of his time in the Village brooding.
This show starred the dashing Patrick McGoohan (of Danger Man fame) as a disgruntled secret agent who abruptly resigns from his position to then find himself abducted and held captive on an island called "The Village". The other residents of the island seem to be in the same boat as him, although, they are maniacally happy.

All names have been stripped away and everyone is assigned a number. McGoohan is No. 6. An (ever changing) individual called No. 2 seems to be running the joint...with instruction from a never seen No. 1. No. 6 often asks "who is No. 1??" only to be told "you are No. 6". Obviously, this answer does not satisfy his keen spy-man mind and adventures ensue. He wants out of this nuthouse and uses all his wits to make that happen. Though, should you try to escape The Village, a huge balloon named "Rover" will chase you down and you're caught. So, our man spends a lot of time avoiding that menace.

The location of this show is AMAZING. Almost the entire thing is shot at the Hotel Portmeirion in Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales. It is enchanting, eerie, and otherworldly. Alex and I have schemes to visit this place someday...possibly during the Prisoner Appreciation Society festival! Oh yes, we are not alone in our geek on this.

This location is made-to-order for this show.

Luckily, this series is available on DVD. Our library system here in Madison even has it to let. Totally worth the time...give it a might want to travel to Wales with us someday :)


P.S. The AMC Channel has recently done a modern adaptation of this story. It's fine, but not the same. Much like The Twilight Zone and Dark Shadows, it's hard to recreate the ethereal quality of those shows for some reason.


  1. Agreed, agreed! I used to have nightmares about those balloons! Whenever they started chasing No. 6 I always started to hold my breath.

  2. @EditWiz-ahhhh....our man Patrick McGoohan was too clever for that Rover!

  3. I've driven through Portmerion a few times whilst on holiday but never actually been to the gardens.