3 Brothers

If you've ever been to Milwaukee and not eaten at 3 Brothers restaurant....it is a tragedy. You can get a meal there that rivals the best restaurants anywhere here or across the ocean.

The menu has a selection of Serbian dishes for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Granted, the menu leans heavier on the meat side, but my vegetarian family gets along there just fine.

We actually held a small party there for my college-graduate daughter a couple weeks ago. Everyone raved about the food. The meat lovers went wild for the lamb and chicken paprikash, the vegetarians went wild for the cheese and spinach burek....and EVERYONE went wild for the Serbian salad.

The dregs of our Serbian salad.
It's not just the food that makes 3 Brothers special. It's the ambiance. A tiny, intimate spot with mismatched chipped dishes and no two table and chair sets the same. Now, you might be thinking to yourself...ugh, whimsy. But no, this place has legitimately aged into what it is today. It's authenticity reminds me of places I went to as a child. 

The original bar with Schlitz globe.

Years and years ago, this location was actually a Schlitz bar and it is on the National Register of Historic Places. (I would love to be able to share more history of the building itself, but I wasn't able to find anything online.) You see hints of this establishment's beer tavern past here and there, inside and out...although this place has been 3 Brothers since 1954.

A portrait of the beautiful original owner watches over the diners.

The family that operates 3 Brothers are warm, welcoming, and so, so hard working. The kitchen is bursting with family members cooking from scratch.

So, if you ever find yourself in Milwaukee...Alex and I will meet you there...

Alex and I after a great meal and a few glasses of wine...


  1. What a marvelous recommendation. I do know someone from that part of the world...and bet that he will also give a thumbs up to the Three Brothers.

    Many thanks. xo

    1. Any Milwaukeean will rave about 3 Brothers!