Summer Vacation

In case you haven't noticed, Cassandra and I have been sort of conspicuously absent these last two weeks. Cassandra and her family took a trip to settle her college-graduate daughter into a year-long job in Mexico City and I've been traveling a lot for work.

Add to all this travel, the fact that both our jobs have gotten a lot busier in recent months and you have a recipe for "not much crafting time."  My garden looks a mess and I haven't picked up knitting needles in ages. I have a million sewing projects (okay, maybe not a whole million) that are screaming to be done. But, when I get home at night, I just want to veg out with TV or a book. 

I need to retire. 

Truthfully, I'm going to be the best retired person in the world because I'll finally get to do all the projects I'm dying to do now. 

So...what does all this grousing mean? Cassandra and I have decided to have a summer vacation from the blog. We've been at this consistently, at least twice a week, for four full years and we just need a little break.

For the next couple of months, we'll do some re-prints of classic Mighty Distractible posts for your reading enjoyment and we'll get back to new, fresh content after our summer is over.

Thanks for being consistent and loyal readers. We hope you'll stick with us during (or come back after) our vacation. :)

- Alex


  1. Do enjoy your summer vacation! I know exactly what you mean about the wish to "retire."


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