Friday Finds: Gutter Garden

One might misinterpret the title of this post and assume that I'm referring to the weeds that like to grow along my roof line when I neglect to properly clean my gutters.

Oh, but no! I'm referring to one of my favorite Friday Finds of all time - hanging planters made from pieces of gutter.

Look at this!

Seriously... how cool is that? And the building plans look really, really easy.

Based on the instructions for planting, you need shallow-root plants (obviously) and most greens fall into that category. I know where my arugula and chard are going this year! Woot!!

I'm so ready to start gardening it's not even funny. Hopefully our weather will even out a bit and I can get some stuff in the ground soon. I feel like I'm already behind. So, one of these cold, weekend days, I'm going to build a gutter garden planter and, hopefully, kick off the official gardening season. I can't wait!!!



  1. I hope you do not mind, I am sharing this to my G+. So cool!

  2. @Brenna - Thank you so much for sharing! We never mind when people like what we post so much that they want to tell others. :)

  3. That’s an absolutely cool idea! You don’t have to buy new gutters just to have a hanging garden. An old gutter would do. Just paint it with the color that you like to make it look new. Then, plant the greens that you want.

  4. Great find! I actually turned my old gutters into plant beds. It worked perfectly for my growing plants because you can easily take one out of the gutter when you need to plant it where it can fully grow.

  5. WOW! That's so amazing! I never knew that gutter could have different purposes. Looking at that image could never make me think that it's actually a gutter. Thanks for this informative post!

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