Abandoned Baby Birds

What if I told you that you could knit something quick and completely adorable PLUS it would help tiny abandoned baby birds?

(not my actual knitting but LOOK HOW CUTE!)

My friend Melissa turned me on to a nest knitting pattern put out by our Dane County Humane Society's wildlife service. Knitted nests are the perfect cozy place place for abandoned babies to grow or even for nursing a sick bird.

(my actual knitting)

These nests are knitted with doubled or tripled cotton or acrylic yarn so they are really sturdy and washable. For my nests, I used some (leftover from a sweater) Rowan Cotton Jeans from my stash. I had two 50g balls and was able to make a nest from each (with very little left over) when knitting with the yarn doubled on size 6 dpns.

This pattern is so spot on. The bottom sits completely flat and the stockinette sides curl over just right to form a stiff nest with just enough give.

I went ahead and tied a nice knot on the bottom. This way it will be sure to hold up through a washing.

Folks who live here in Dane County can drop their finished nests off at the Humane Society. And for those folks outside of our area, I'm positive your own humane society, wildlife rescue, or Department of Natural Resources would have a use for these as well. A little research will most likely prove fruitful. I can vouch for this nest pattern though, it knit up beautifully.

Knit on friends,


PS - When I say this was a quick project, each nest took me about 3 hours. And that is with talking or TV watching going on at the same time.