And so it begins....

After many months of discussion, collaboration, and procrastination, we are here.

Starting this project has been a lesson in tenacity. As our header indicates, we are not (exactly) the most focused folks on the planet. So, basically, we start, we stop, we talk, we watch a movie, we knit. You get the picture. Eventually, we managed to pull it together and produce a concept and a blog space that we're proud of.

Frankly, we probably thought about it too hard.

Regardless of our faults, the one thing we're both really good at is creating. We make stuff. We perceive the world differently. We find beauty where others don't. This is important to us and, we think, important to a lot of other people as well. We'd like this space to be a fun place to gather and see how we (and our readers) are creating today. Maybe we'll even make some new friends.

Welcome aboard. We hope you enjoy our ramblings and find some value in what we have to offer.

Alex and Cassandra

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