My Shark

Remember in Jaws how Quint knew that shark was a creature not to be taken lightly? He’d been around the block a few times and, even though he had not seen the shark in person, he knew it would not go down without a big fight. Well, that is how I feel about a certain sewing project in my queue.

Meet the Waldorf Doll kit.

Yes, I even bought a kit. And I’m still intimidated. I haven’t even removed the bits from the bag yet. Maybe it’s the knit fabric that requires me to use a ball-point needle. (I have this vision of puckering fabric and me… seam ripping… and ripping.) Or maybe it’s the crazy head shaping process and wig making. I dunno.

The other day I rented a dvd from the library called “Waldorf Doll Making Instructional DVD” by Sarah Kous. She was lovely. The directions were clear and well illustrated. Even that did not cure my procrastination. It has been staring at me from the corner while I’ve made new pillowcases for my bed, baby blankets for my babies (and other babies), throw pillows, pajamas, and more.

But now it’s time. It’s time for me to make a little fabric boy to be a buddy to my 3 year old Finn. And, just because I am creepy like that, I am making one that looks just like him. That is the real appeal of this project for me. I need to get over it and just dive in.

My dear friend and blogmate Alex would say I have “paralysis of analysis”. In so many words, I am over-thinking it. Truth be told, I am a competent sewer, a reasonably intelligent person, and have the encouragement of others who have slain the Waldorf Doll shark and lived to tell the tale.

So, lucky you! You get to read/see the blow-by-blow of my adventure in Waldorf Doll making. This will be a short series from me with the ups, downs and hopefully good tips I am learning along the way. I hope that it is helpful, informative and fun.


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