The Comfort of the Familiar

This is a picture of my lap yesterday afternoon. As you can see, this is not the doll sweater I had been working on. For the health of our relationship, we are taking a break from each other. I need to rip back and do some neck hole shaping on the design and, this past weekend, I frankly didn't want to work that hard. I wanted to be spoon-fed a pattern so I could just enjoy the simple act of knitting.
Lucky for me, I have quite a queue of projects ahead of me that need to be completed before the holidays. These are the must-be-done:
1. The doll sweater, pants, and superhero cape to make for completed doll #1.
2. I ordered another kit to make doll #2, for son #2, last week. 
3. 2 little cabled sweaters for my boys.
I also have a "hope-to-be-done" list. But that is a post for another day. Let me focus on "must-be-done" item #3. The cabled sweaters. 
A few months ago I took some time and really scoured Ravelry for the perfect cabled sweater pattern for a little boy. Two patterns were on my short list - Sherwood and Master Charles (see photos.) 

Sherwood by Angela Hahn

Master Charles Sweater by Kate Oates
But in the end, the Provence Child's Cabled Pullover won my heart. 

Photo by Classic Elite Yarns
I love the all-over cable pattern and the cotton yarn. I even went so far as to order the exact yarn the pattern specified, rarely the case with me. Last year I knit wooly cabled sweater vests for my guys and they roasted every time they wore them, so I was hoping to go cotton for this holiday if possible.
My goodness, I love this pattern so far. I can't believe I found it for free. It's a very simple cable that knits up so knotty and fun. I have the back of one sweater done and about 75% of the front accomplished. I can't wait to show everyone the finished products! The pattern repeat may seem monotonous, but sometimes that's just what I need...
– Cassandra


  1. Love the "shared inability to focus." I hear ya, and I'm here. Cassandra, those patterns look terrific.

    This week I found the PERFECT millefiori cabochons for buttons for my sweater for Italy. Of course, I had to order button shanks online. But I loooove them. They're very shiny.

  2. Ooh! Shiny buttons!! I would love to see what your sweater looks like!

  3. Absolutely adorable - warm and cozy, the boys will love them! Love the green, are you making both in green, or what is the other color? Julie

  4. One is going to be green, actually the same shade as the picture from Classic Elite, and one is going to be slate blue. I started the larger one first, so I don't run out of steam!