Cute as a button!

He's done! He's done! He has blond curly hair and blue eyes. I just love him!

I actually crocheted the dreaded little wig and it didn't kill me. For whatever reason I have an aversion to crochet. I knit like a fiend but a crochet hook gives me a shudder. I looked at the directions and a few youtube videos, trying to figure out what I was doing and it was no use. I ended up having to [humbly] ask a work acquaintance who crochets for some help. She started me off on the right foot and in no time I had a little blond wig all done. It was easy! I was so surprised that there wasn't a tutorial video specifically for this on youtube. I think I might have to make one and stick it out there at some point.

Embroidering the eyes and mouth was a cinch and I was so proud to be all finished. I conquered my shark! The hard part is over. I have to tell you, this little guy has a very nice weight and because of the lavender in the stuffing, smells awesome! The cotton knit supplied in the kit is so incredibly soft. This little guy is so cuddly.

Now on to the clothes! The kit came with some clothes patterns (mostly for girl dolls) that include simple elastic-waisted pants. I have some light tan baby corduroy in my fabric stash that will work nicely. For a top I think I'd like to knit a little striped sweater. I checked Ravelry for patterns and didn't see anything that tripped my trigger, so, I'm going to design my own. I've never done that before so I'm pretty excited to start on it! I also plan on making him a little superhero cape. Then, he will truly be finished...

Have a great weekend everyone!