Dream Sweaters

I have a dream that my sweater press is filled with practical hand-knits. Cardigans and pullovers in all colors and textures just waiting to fit me like a glove. Not a store-bought machine knit in the bunch. My Ravelry queue is full of patterns for these dream sweaters. So, this past year I picked a pattern from the list and I knit my first sweater for myself - the ever-so-popular Liesl sweater by Ysolda Teague. I knit it in a beautiful mushroom brown that goes with everything. I love that dang thing so much that I'm sure I wear it too often.

With dream sweater #1 accomplished, and my sweater press begging for more, I set my sights on another practical sweater project for next year. (One sweater a year is reasonable, right?)  I had found a gorgeous vest and even bought the yarn, until Alex pointed out that it looked like "fat on a stick" [ed comment from Alex: Look...someone has to tell you the truth. That sweater-vest would have made you look like an overstuffed sausage!], and, on second thought, she was right. So I think I'll stick with a regular sweater. There are a few cardigans in the running, and since I am in the mood for daydreaming, let's talk about them.

The first sweater I want to talk about is the very popular Tea Leaves Cardigan.
Photo by madelintosh

I love the simplicity of this sweater. I can see myself wearing this a ton if I make it in a practical color. Something is telling me to make this one in gray. I'm not a big fan of multi-color yarn, but I could be persuaded on this design to use something a little varigated. I might just have to use the actual madelintosh yarn this pattern calls for.(Check out the madelinetosh site for gorgeous hand-dyed yarns!)

Next in the order is Old-Fashioned Girl by Verena Design Team.

Photo by Vikant Crafts Publishing, Inc.

What a cutie! I have the notion to make this one in black. The diamond pattern would really stand out with such a dark color and the cables wouldn't be too bulky. The only thing that concerns me about this pattern is that only 17 people have made this sweater on Ravelry. I usually use that sort of thing as a gauge on how user-friendly a pattern is.

The last one I am going to dream about today is the Coraline sweater by Ysolda Teague.

Photo by Ysolda

I have already made a sweater by Ysolda, as I mentioned above, so I know her patterns are well-written and her sweaters are flattering. I particularly like the little smocking detail on the yoke and the tiny buttons. The color in the photo shown is pretty yet practical so I could go that direction, or, maybe a moss green?

So enough with the daydreaming... I need to get to knitting and sewing my "have to's" before the holidays!


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