Thankfulness, how cliché.

Call it a pipe-dream, but, I intend to have a simple holiday season this year. I want to enjoy spending time with my family without any of the usual drama and stress that accompanies it. My plan is to:

A. Be as organized as possible to avoid rushes
B. Be easy-going about things, let other people's feelings come first
C. Under-promise and over-deliver
D. Remember to be thankful
E. Remember to be thankful

I know, I know. At this time of year there is so much superficial talk about "being thankful". But it really is a great concept. I spend so much of my time trying to manifest what I want in my life, that it's important for me to step back and assess what I already have. I am a fortunate woman and I need to remember that.

But, I also have my limits...

If you're anything like me, the treacly holiday TV commercials are already on your nerves. It's so formulaic: beatific little child in flannel pajamas + soft focus + twinkling lights... snore. And who really wants to see another couple "get engaged" in front of the Christmas tree again this year. Ugh.

Could big companies with national advertising budgets just try a little harder to be original. It's lazy to try to tug on our heartstrings by using sappy imagery. Do your own thing. Now, with that said, I do applaud some from the last few years. For instance, this commercial by Miller did a wonderful job of taking a trendy youtube viral video and putting their own spin on it. And how about this one from Garmin? The production value is crazy awesome and the content is just edgy enough to make it stand out from the pack. I have to say that this one from Apple did a good job of riffing on their ongoing ad campaign, but making it more holiday friendly. And I am totally dating myself, but, this Coke one from my childhood is just too sweet to forget. It marries the spirit of the holiday season to the product seamlessly.

Speaking of creativity... I am in hard-core craft mode over here so there will be a holiday projects update from me next week. I am hoping to have a productive weekend (amidst all the celebration)!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

– Cassandra

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