Alex and I have mentioned on a few occasions that we are corporate drones. (Note: Drone is a bit of an exaggeration, but we like to wallow in self-pity sometimes.) The good company that employs us could be compared to something seen in the movie Office Space. So, if we came in tomorrow morning and saw a "Is this good for the company?" banner hanging, no one would be in shock.

With that said, we LOVE the people who work beside us every day. Energetic, creative types who like to interject a little mirth into this beige, cube-walled world. These are folks who eschew "forced-fun" and act on random ideas. A few years ago, one of these inspirations was a bake-off. It has become an annual event in the creative group. We have competed with peanut butter cookies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies...and today was banana bread!
How the heck do you keep the mixer from waking everyone up at 5:30 am?
Today I woke up a half-hour early to bake mine fresh. The house was quiet, the breeze coming through the open window was cool and smelled like dew, and I felt very at peace. I am not an early riser so this quiet morning house was sort of new to me. I was groggy...but I loved it. I may become a morning person just yet.

Sifted flour is so pretty.

I'm pretty fond of my banana bread recipe. I got it from Heather at the Craftlit podcast many years ago. She shared it with her listeners on one episode and told us not to broadcast it (because it was her grandmamas) and I have kept true to my vow. I will tell you that it is delicious. If you want the recipe you will have to go back to her archives and listen from the beginning. (But be warned, you will get hooked on this podcast!)

My entry is in the forefront...the crown on the table is for the victor!

Melissa won the Cookie Monster today! It will be proudly displayed at her desk
for the next year. Thick skins are a prerequisite for this game.
The judging was fair and the competition was stiff. I did not win today, but I made a good showing. The winner gets a tiara (see above) and the person with the least votes gets a plush Cookie Monster holding a sign that says "I Hate You" (see above again)...  Yeah...that's how we roll here. Even the "least favorite" gets a prize. Most of all, I love that we make our own fun here at Company X. Life is good.



  1. *laughs* love the prize for the least favourite

  2. @pinkundine: I can't take credit for coming up with that prize...but it totally rocks!