When I dip, you dip, we dip.

We had some holiday fun at Company X yesterday. The creative and marketing groups decided to have "Dip Day". A whole bunch of folks brought in different dips and we just sort of grazed (exactly like cattle) from 8-4:30. Yes, this is the sort of stuff we have to cling to...please don't judge the corporate drones.

Anyway, in my opinion, the best dip of the day was brought in by my friend Amy. She found it on Allrecipes.com and it was called "Festive Cracker Spread". Oh my! Cream Cheese, mayo, green olives, onions, red pepper...it is like a festive party in your mouth! Here is a link to the delightful dip.

Festive Cracker Spread photo courtesy of Allrecipes.com
So simple and easy. Great to bring along to parties this season.

On a side note, you know what is awesome about Allrecipes.com? You can put in the amount of people you need to feed and it will recalculate the ingredients so you can make the perfect amount. Lazy people like me love that.

I'm off to do some frantic last-minute holiday knitting of my own! Later!


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