Friday Finds: Vintage Sewing

Today's Friday Find is all about fashion sewing patterns from Wearing History for those who love vintage style. Particularly 1930's and 1940's. They are so much fun. And a lot of the styles they have chosen to write up as patterns are quite practical by today's standards. There is definitely 2012 appropriate sport and party wear in the mix. I don't mind the inappropriate myself, but that's just me (Alex doesn't like "costumey").

This is the pattern that initially sucked me in.
I have been wanting to make an apron for some time. This is the one it's going to be.

I would most certainly suggest that you follow the blog and "like" them on Facebook. They are always posting links to other blogs sharing vintage knitting patterns, tailoring tips, customer finished projects, make-up and hairstyle how-to's, etc. I have really gotten some good information this way.

Who doesn't LOVE lounging pajamas!!
If you adore vintage style as much as I do...check it out!


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