Reflections on 2011

Today I started navel-gazing, inspired by a post made by Anna Maria Horner. Here are some things I learned this year:
  • To be thankful for my opportunities.
  • Life needs to be simple to be enjoyable.
  • Things can surprise you with how much they hurt.
  • Shifting gears as a mom to preschoolers and a mom to a college student is challenging.
  • I don't hoard yarn.
  • I do hoard fabric.
  • I love designing more than I like mass-producing product.
  • Swatching isn't so bad.
Swatching for one of our upcoming designs.
  • My state political climate can shift disturbingly quickly.
  • I had boxes upon boxes of items to donate (and never be missed) in my basement before the great purge. I'm so ashamed of that.
  • When said basement was cleared, I had room for the studio space I have been craving.
  • Home-made pizza is really the best.
  • Napping is nothing to feel guilty about.
  • I am really a Dark Shadows geek. (get the will be too!)
  • I watch way too much reality TV.
  • I missed going antiquing.
  • My family is there for me. 
  • My husband is the most generous man ever.
  • I procrastinate.
Seaming a holiday sweater on the way to the celebration.
  • It's okay being on the other side of 40.
  • My Great-Grandmother is my true hero. (more about her later)
  • Magic is real.
  • I love blogging.
  • I love, love, love, making.
It's amazing what you can find in your navel!
– Cassandra

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