In My Room

We are in the process of sorting through mountains of stuff at my house. Donating, organizing, tossing... all in the name of sensibility. Unfortunately, the surface has only been scratched. This coming weekend we are hoping to tackle the basement. Ugh, the basement. It is riddled with things of little use and no beauty (thank you for the expression Jane Austen). It's time to be ruthless. We need the usable space down there because I have grand ideas. I need a studio.

Can't you just smell the turpentine in this room?
20 years ago when I was an art student, my studio was a messy place with smelly paints, drips, and splashes. It wasn't beautiful, but it was what it needed to be. That sort of work and environment doesn't fit my life at this moment. And that's okay, I'm having a really good time exploring my talents when it comes to stitching of all kinds. And, my new studio will be a sensible place for such work.

Alex wrote about her new studio room a while back, and I think it has been stuck in my mind since. My family (rightfully so) is really tired of the sewing machine on the kitchen table, stacks of fabric on the island, and yarn falling out of every closet when you open the door. The things that are not useful in our house are taking up too much room, making the things I use all the time the clutter. Ironic, huh?

There are 3 blogs that I follow whose authors have studios that take my breath away. If my forthcoming modest space can have even a drop of the charm of these studios...I will be a happy girl indeed.

Ana Maria Horner
This studio space is still under construction...but, ooh la can see where it's headed. Lots of storage, interesting lines, space to think and dream. It has been really fun watching this construction take shape over time, and Anna Maria has thoughtfully shared her decision making, trials, and excitement with her readers. There are lots of good ideas here to inspire my new room.

I can't wait to see how Ana Maria fills this space.

Alicia Paulson
This studio is pretty much the most amazing place I've ever seen. If I could spend my days in this place I'd be the happiest girl on the planet. It would be like working in an enchanted cottage. I will spend some time figuring out how to get a smidge of that vibe in my studio.

I bow down to your greatness Ms. Paulson.

Amanda Soule
This mama of (soon to be) five is a woman after my own heart. Here studio is realistic, practical, sparse, and charming. It is probably the closest thing to my studio reality. I love the way she welcomes her family into this room. There are children's drawings on the walls, and nothing is so fussy that little people couldn't come in and lend a hand once in a while.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Amanda is making with children in tow.

So, with the dream for beautiful/sensible place of my own...I march forth to purge (and purge and purge) the house of clutter.



  1. These make me drool with envy. My "studio" is a section of a not well-lit, cold basement. It does have a nice drafting table, easel, and cool shelves my husband built me, but having windows with natural light would make it so much more desireable to be in there. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. You have good inspiration here.

  2. Trust me Cathy...I'm drooling too!

    I'm sort of lamenting the fact that my studio will be in a basement (at least it has a window, thank goodness) when I see these great, bright spaces. We have cleaning, purging and building to get done to make this happen. I am hoping for something to be finished by end of summer.

  3. You might also find FPK's craft room inspiring complete with wool winder. Can't wait to see what you come up with and I hope you have an IKEA nice and close!

  4. Oh...hells yeah!! That one is definitely a stunner! Thanks for pointing me in that direction!

  5. I stumbled across your place looking for some studio ideas, and I've got to say these are some really great examples! I really like all of them. Currently, my studio is my bedroom, as I currently cannot afford to go out and look for one. It's really crowded and hard to place things around, but I'll be making some vision boards as I keep looking around. :)

  6. Hi Tannie! I know, isn't it so hard to find space for your stuff? I think a vision board is an awesome idea! If you know it will happen, it will be so!