I'm a Sensible Girl?

I am a person who tries to pay attention to what the universe is saying to them. I take note of my dreams, the things that seem to catch my eye on TV or online, and the stuff that comes up in basic conversation. Sometimes a trend develops, and that's when I have to delve deeper into that subject. Right now I am being drawn to the idea of simplicity.

I know, I know...simplicity is one of those buzzwords like creativity that inspire people to the navel-gazing that leads to a grand proclamation about sweeping life changes... and in the end you just stay the same. Trust me, I'm tired of the hype too. So, instead of saying that I'm simplifying, I am being sensible.

This is what a sensible person's pantry looks like.
If I'm being honest, living more simply means being more like my Great-Grandmother. And she was wonderfully sensible. Her home was warm and inviting with useful handmade items everywhere. It was neat as a pin (from basement to walk-up attic) because there was a place for everything. Cleaning for her must have been a snap because there was no time spent on clutter-clearing. She had beautiful things that you could really appreciate because there weren't distractions everywhere. That house had the vibe I'm striving to manifest in my own home.

Putting stuff in bins is not cleaning.

Sensible Home = Peaceful Mind

Much like the addict who hits rock bottom and never touches their vice again, I think I've had enough of the clutter in my world. Literally and mentally. First and foremost, I need to pare down. Shed things that are no longer useful and make a sensible place for everything I do need. This is quite a task! My first step is to fill my car with items to be donated. Then I can start to evaluate my space and find sensible places for sensible items.

The donation box is one of my best friends.
Once I get a handle on my environment, then I can turn my attention to the other parts of my life that need this treatment. Sensible foods, sensible gardening, sensible yada yada... happily turning back the clock 75 years and sharing the wins and losses with you.


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