The Basics

Sorry for the darkness last week. Sometimes life gets complicated at Chez Ooo! Shiny!

In contrast to the complexities of life, today I'd like to talk about the simplest thing in the world... a knitted little stocking cap. I am just enamored with this FREE pattern from Lion Brand. It's called the Bunny Slope Hat. I have knitted it 3 times now (once because the first one was "lost" after a trip to the grocery store) and aside from the monotonous weaving-in of the loose ends from the color changes, it couldn't be a better way to get some instant gratification.

As you can see, the green cap has been worn and worn and worn again.
Along with having used a basic pattern, I also chose to use a workhorse yarn for these little hats. Spud & Chloe sweater yarn (superwash 55% wool/45% organic cotton) is just the perfect weight and warmth for this sort of project. Luckily, I have used this yarn for a lot of other projects so my stash is full of remnants that were the perfect amount to get the job done. Now, I will admit to having purchased a skein here and there to get my color scheme the way I wanted it though!

Thing 2 modeling his green hat and 4th of July pajamas for me today.
From what I have seen on Ravelry, a lot of folks are taking creative license with this pattern. Stripes are wider or smaller, less color or more color, and there is even one hat with an enormous pom-pon that is seriously cute.

Back when I was searching Ravelry for a the perfect hat pattern to match a new coat, I was surprised at how many didn't suit a little boy. So many were either too girly or too mature for a preschooler. I think it was the colorful stripes that finally sucked me in on this one. And, it's amazing to me that the simplest little projects seem to garner as many compliments as the complicated ones when we are out and about! This pattern is definitely worth a try.

So, for today, I'm keeping it short and simple. Tomorrow... who knows? ;)


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