Friday Finds: Williams-Sonoma Agrarian

Those who have spent any time in my kitchen know that I love Williams-Sonoma. I know, I know. It flies in the face of the simple gal I am trying to be. But now they even have something else that is getting me giddy with excitement, an agrarian line of goods. I'm only human!

Beekeeping supplies are so pretty.
These products totally speak to the "gentle(wo)man farmer" in me. Beekeeping, cheese making, sour kraut fermenting, all sorts of planting supplies, and much more. All pretentiously beautiful.

You can buy tools that look like they are 100 years old already!
I'm not sure I like the work involved with raising chickens, but I think I like the look of them prancing around my yard. Yeah, I'm showing my true colors here.

If I had this, I could look out the window and say "hello ladies". Then make the kids scrape the poop.
In their usual way, they also have a lot of hands-on information included on their site. I was especially impressed with their pdf downloadable "Plant-A-Grams" that help raised bed farmers plan their 4-foot square raised beds. (they also sell you everything you need to make that happen, including the plants) The good folks over there sure know how to get you to stick on their site with relevant content.

Go out and take a peek, maybe dream a little.



  1. Gentle-lady farming is a very romantic idea isn't it...then there's poop. Actually, getting your own eggs from the back garden would be kind of nice...and growing veggies for salads...count me out on the bees, however...
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. @angela: Yes it is romantic! I dream of being Martha Stewart with a staff to do the "yucky" jobs for me :)