Regrets, I've had a few...

...but then again, too few to mention.  - Frank Sinatra

I make mistakes when I'm creating. Time-consuming, frustrating, and occasionally boneheaded mistakes. Sometimes I think that blogs like ours celebrate the finished objects and make the process seem so beautiful and seamless. But it never is. Sweaters get frogged and reknit, sewn seams get ripped back, and even designs are flawed. Trust me.

The 2 quilt block fails from last week.

I am addressing this because I hear a lot of very smart people tell me that they love my finished object, but don't think they could ever make it themselves. They think that I pick up needles and magically it's all done, without bumps in the road. And without that sort of wizardry, they have no chance of success. Of course, I quickly share with them the reality. The swearing, the disappointment, and even sometimes giving the project the silent treatment for a while.

The strips for my new block are supposed to be 6-1/2" long. Doh!

Then they ask me why I do it. Why subject myself to this self-inflicted torture? My answer is always the same. "Because I have to." If I didn't, I would go crazy. I don't have a choice. Making things keeps me balanced. And I'm guessing that if you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know what I mean from personal experience.

Scenes from my lap yesterday afternoon:

Yea! Got a few inches knit on my Ishbel Shawl. Um...wait a minute...
10 minutes later...

So, you other makers of stuff out there, please don't think Alex and I are any different than you. Your mistakes and frustrations are ours. And, I am guessing that somewhere in New England, even Martha Stewart has balled up the gardener's apron she's been sewing and has thrown it in the corner of her tastefully appointed room. Because it's not always a good thing. The good thing is pressing on and mastering that project in the end.