I'm just like Ma Ingalls

Well, not really. But I am going to a cabin next week. And I am a mom.

I love you Caroline Ingalls.
Last year I wrote about our family camping vacation. It was real camping...tents, dirt, open fire cooking, and all. This year we are going to a cabin. From what I understand, this cabin on a lake business is "civilized" camping. I will have a kitchen, bathroom, shower, and all the outlets a girl could need. Total game-changer.

Where before I was worried about what to cook and how I was going to manage sleeping on an air mattress, now I am wondering what crafts to bring along. I realize that my "me time" will be limited and I will still be cooking, chasing little boys around, and trying to keep things clean. Still, I have visions of myself on a lawn chair in the shade, with some handwork on my lap.

Only my fellow crafters will understand when I say that I had a small bit of panic on this subject last night before I went to sleep. What I bring with me is REALLY important. Really, really.

Normally I would just lug along my knitting bag with whatever is currently on the needles. But it's going to be hot out. And I'm not sure I feel like working under a sweater that is 3/4 finished. And I'm probably going to be interrupted every 10 minutes so that could make the knitting design projects I have going difficult to keep track of with notations and all. Sewing machine? Yeah right. Maybe if it was a cabin full of my awesome girlfriends!

Embroidery....now that's a thought!

A tumble of floss that resides in my knitting bag.
Embroidery is so summer to me. Easy to pick up and put down. Lightweight and minimal on supplies. Love it. I have some plain flour sack dish towels in my cedar chest that have been waiting for embellishment for quite a while. See, my hoarding has paid off! :)

Also, there is one little guy left in our Woodland Series embroidery templates waiting to be stitched. We have Owl, Hare, and Bear for you as free downloads. But Fox, poor Fox...he was designed and then set aside for some bigger fish to fry. Maybe it's time to give him some color and share him with you. Yeah, he might just have to come up north with me.

Fox needs to be taken from sketch to reality.
Speaking of embroidery...this past weekend, I went antiquing at my favorite antique fair in Elkhorn, Wis. Wandering around the fair grounds pieces of embroidered fabric kept catching me eye. Still starched, never used, lovingly stitched items. Made me pause. I said to my mother, "see they made them and saved them for "special"....and they should have just used them everyday because here they sit." And I really believe that. Live with your handmade items. Every day is special.

I was wishing I had the initial S when I saw this beauty.


  1. This is why I don't hide my handmades, either. Special never comes around. I posted on my blog that I've been working diligently on a needlepoint kit. It's been way too hot to even work on my husband's socks here in TN.

    There's something just distinctly feminine and olde tymey about hand embroidery, don't you think?

    1. Oooh! I just peeked at your blog. LOVE the birdie! And your cancer story is amazing. My husband successfully battled Large Cell B lymphoma a few years back. I'm so glad you're doing well!

      And yes, I totally agree with your sentiments about hand embroidery. :)

  2. I inherited a bunch of hand-embroidered pillowcases from my husband's grandmother. They were kept in a box by his mom for years and had actually started to yellow (damn you, non-archival box!). I took them home and carefully soaked them in OxyClean and they turned out lovely! Now I use them all the time and I like to think that would make his grandma happy! You don't spend all that time on a project to have it stuck in a box, eventually to be sold at an estate sale!!!

    1. Totally Rhonda! Of all the handmade things that my Great Grandma left behind, the embroidery feels the most personal. I think that's why I feel like the flea market embroideries are so abandoned.