Friday Finds: Venerable Radio

I love, love, love, old music. I mean real old. Stuff recorded on 78rpms. Standards, folk, blues, jazz...etc.

So naturally, this week when I discovered Venerable Radio I was knocked out. This site describes itself as The 20th Century Archive of Recorded Music". And true to that tagline, it has a really wide variety on it's playlist. (I just heard a song in Greek a minute ago that was awesome!)

You can listen to the music on your computer and even your iPhone or Android. It operates like a radio station. To listen through their web site, just click on the track that is "now playing" and then click the "Tune in via Loud City" link at the upper left. You just drop in and enjoy whatever is playing. And what's super-fun is that there is even a place on their site to make requests!

The next time you need some background music to inspire you while you have your hands busy, give Venerable Radio a whirl.


PS-This service is free but there is a place to make donations.


  1. Super cool! Thanks for sharing...I'll give it a listen!
    Have a great weekend!