Vineyard Wrap

I finally did it, I cast-off the Vineyard Wrap that was begun in January 2011. Yes, I said 2011.

I have told you before about my boredom issues with knitting anything that resembles a scarf...but I have also told you about my tenacity when it comes to seeing a project though. So it's really not that shocking that a few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and just finished the damn thing.

And it's lovely. Scratchy, but lovely.

It's scratchy because I used Black Water Abbey 100% wool (Autumn colorway). Lemme tell ya, that is some serious wool. Sure it's scratchy and rough...but boy does it show a lace pattern like nobody's business. The ease with which this shawl blocked up was awesome. And the colorways at Black Water Abbey are stunning. Seriously, whoever does their color palette is a genius. So you can be sure that I will be lotioning up my hands and knitting with this wool again in the future.

This pattern was fine. Albeit monotonous...but I don't blame the designer for this. If you want a big shawl with an all-over pattern on it, well you get what you get. A whole lot of repeats of the same 12 rows.

The finished object is pretty and useful. I actually plan on keeping it on my desk at work for when it gets randomly chilly. (I say randomly because at my office you can be sweating and then 10 minutes later it's somehow cold.) I'm also thinking of adding a big button on one end so I can just secure it on and not have to fuss with it falling off my shoulders. But I'm in no rush, I will find just the right big button when I find it.



  1. Your scarf really is lovely and showcases your lace knitting very well! I wonder if the yarn will soften when it's been washed, as some yarns do.

    It looks like a perfect antidote to a sometimes chilly office environment.

    Best wishes!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Frances! That makes sense...I should reserve judgement on the scratchy yarn until it's been washed a few more times.