The NeverEnding Story

Like Brenda Dayne says on Cast-On....I need to talk about my knitting right now. Sigh.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had picked up some old projects during a bout of spring fever. Anxious to have a sense of completion and clearing the way for new ideas. (I'm not really good at having too many unfinished objects, they sort of weigh me down creatively.)

One of those WIPS that I've been trying to "power through" is the Vineyard Wrap I January 2011. This is a project I have actually picked up and put down many times. In between holiday sweaters, embroidery projects, or anything else that can be worked on from the couch, you will usually see this wrap in my hands.

This is long-haul knitting.
For most projects on size 10 needles, a little bit here...and a little bit there...knitting will usually add up enough that eventually you are surprised that the project in finished. Yeah, not so much with this one. Since putting down my last major project a few weeks ago I have knit like a fiend on this sucker. And it is still not done. Right now it is about 60 inches which means according to the pattern, I have 10 inches left to go. Unfortunately, I think I might want it a little longer than the recommended 70 inch wrap length though. That means more knitting.

But hey, don't misunderstand me, I think it is turning out beautifully and I can't wait to wear my finished wrap. I am actually pretty excited to see what the lace pattern looks like after blocking. It's just the monotony of this type of project. This situation is much like Alex's "NeverEnding Shawl". That project nearly killed her with its mixture of miles of stockinette and random yarnovers, but it turned out stunning. I have no idea why I never see her wearing it.

I truly do love the look of the lace pattern repeat.

This is all reminding me why I don't knit scarves. Sure, they were great when I was learning to knit (and I love wearing a hand-knit scarf). But the process is a killer for me. The same pattern, over and over for a couple yards is too much for this Mighty Distractible gal.



  1. I totally understand! I am terrible about starting and stopping scarves! Yours looks beautiful you gotta keep going! It looks so soft and delicate.
    Keep it up!

    1. @Angela: Thanks for the encouragement! :)