Friday Finds: The Mason Jar

Fair enough. I didn't "just" find Mason jars. As a matter of fact, I started using large-mouth Mason jars years ago after I purchased a vacuum sealer that had a jar attachment. With it, you could fill a large-mouthed Mason jar with anything (liquid, dry good, etc) and then suck all the air out, keeping the contents fresher, longer.

However, once I had a box of various sizes of Mason jars in the house, I managed to find a LOT of uses for them.

Besides the obvious - storage of food items - I use Mason jars for decorating (vases, tea light holders), storing non-food things (craft items, dog treats, seeds for the garden, nails/screws/washers), planting (terrarium, seed/plant starting), and sometimes even to eat or drink out of. Here's a great list of Mason jar ideas.

And my favorite Mason jar-related Friday Find is this:

The "Cuppow" - why didn't I think of this??
The Cuppow turns an ordinary canning jar into a travel mug. It's a decidedly hipster-looking thing to be drinking out of a Mason jar (and the website does everything possible to support its hipster appeal - just check out the photos. LOL) But a good idea shouldn't be shunted because of silly marketing or possible connection to the most current fashion trend. You do not have to grow 1920's facial hair or wear retro glasses in order to enjoy the elegant simplicity of this product. And best of all, it's pretty cheap!

So, let's raise a Mason jar and toast the mind that came up with this brilliant idea.

- Alex


  1. I too love Mason Jars, and moving to Mason, Ohio has only made my love stronger! I especially love my blue green antique ones, but the new ones have an antique feel and I love them as well

  2. @Marcha - is that where Mason jars are from?? I never knew! I guess I always assumed that they were named after a person.

  3. We use wide-mouth pint jars as drinking glasses at home - not only are they super durable, but they're so cost-effective to replace (which we haven't had to do). It cracks me up that Hobby Lobby wants $1.99 for one, when you can get a package of 12 for under $10.00 at the grocery store, especially when canning season is in full stride. I think I need to get the other half a Cuppow for iced coffee on the drive to work.

  4. that is awesome! Especially if one has a partner who takes all the glasses in the house with him to work so he can drink iced tea from a glass on his commute! Hypothetically speaking, ahem.

  5. @kat - I know! I was at Hobby Lobby recently and just laughed when I saw the price. I have two cases of them in the basement.

    @SwoonQueen - I have two cases of Mason jars in the basement to the right of the stairs. Go grab one (or more) for the glass stealer. :)