Friday Finds: Little Free Library

Most crafters are readers - at least in my experience - and, generally, supportive of bookish things. Cassandra and I both use our library cards a lot. There are books (on shelves and off shelves) in every room of my house. And, while I own and love my Kindle, sometimes you just need that paper in your hands.

One of my favorite finds of all time is an organization started by a couple of guys here in Madison. When I met them three years ago, they were just getting the idea off the ground. Now, a dear friend of mine is working for them and the concept has gone nation-wide.

Behold, the Little Free Library!

So, the idea is that you make (or buy) one of these, put it in your front yard, populate it with some books, and people can take or leave books at their leisure. Some folks put reading benches next to their Little Free Library. Some have mostly childrens' books. Some have only non-fiction. Your Little Free Library is as individual as you are. It's an amazingly lovely way to promote reading and build a sense of community in your neighborhood.

The organization has been featured on NBC Nightly News and NPR and they estimate that there are Little Free Libraries in 30 states and 20 countries!

Join the literacy bandwagon and put a cute little library in your front yard. :)

- Alex


  1. LOVE the Little Libraries! There's a little girl in our neighborhood that sits by her peddling books like it's a lemonade stand. It's so cute!

  2. @emily b: That is the cutest thing I've ever heard! I love that she's "owning" her library like that. -Alex