Friday Finds: Lady Business

Dear readers,

I am not sure what political side you're on, but if you swing to the left you might want to knit a vajajay and send it to your congressMAN. Yes, your lady business in worsted weight.

Knitted Womb by MK Carroll. Pattern on

There is a group called Government Free VJJ that is rallying for the cause of women's rights. What do these good women stand for? I quote from their site:
  • We are women, we are strong, we are smart.  And we have a sense of humor.
  • We do not need government interference with our doctors or our healthcare.
  • We do not need government probing our vaginas to help us make decisions about abortion.
  • We do not need government to give us guidance about whether or not to take birth control.
  • We do not need misogynistic pundits calling us sluts and prostitutes.
  • We are half of the population and we will not be treated as children or a disenfranchised minority.
  • Tell your male government representatives:
    “Hands off my uterus! Here’s one of your own!”

Government Free VJJ encourages us knitters to pick up our pointy sticks and some pink yarn for the cause. They have free patterns listed on their site as well as directions on how to send your finished mysterious lady part to the right person.

Courtesy of Government Free VJJ

Don't just sit back...get crafty and political! Gloria would want you to....


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