All in a Day

One of the books read over-and-over in our house is All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Nikki McClure. It is a poetic account of the big and little things that happen in a day of a young farm boy's life. Yesterday felt like our own All in a Day story. And I caught some of it with my camera.

: Beginning to introduce native woodland plants into our modest patch of wilderness

: PB&J picnic with my babies (and daughter's helpful boyfriend)

: The garage was a noisy place with planter boxes being made by my husband and father-in-law for the tomatoes spouted on the windowsill by the littles

: Certain little boys needed a shower and a little Mr. Rogers Neighborhood after a day in the sunshine

: Some work that did not fit in today

: And then, at the end of the day, being gently reminded to stop and be present for a snuggle moment on the couch

Trying to photo capture a simple day at home sort of happened spontaneously. Most of this day I was covered in dirt without a camera in sight. And certain photos may be a little fuzzy, but not every little moment is photo-friendly. But, it was a good experiment and I think I'm going to try it again...maybe more mindfully this time. 

I'm wondering, how was your day?


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