Friday Finds: Killer Spoonflower Artists

Lately every time a fabric on Pinterest catches my eye, it's from Spoonflower. Man, that's where the really talented fabric designers live these days. You pay more for the fabric on that site, but if you want something special there's no comparison.

Today for "Friday Finds" I thought I'd spotlight a few talented Spoonflower designers I've stumbled upon recently.

Happy Friday everyone,


Jordan Elise

Unusual Specimens by Jordan Elise

Becky Long

Forest Friends by Becky Long

Nadia Hassan

A Rain(bow) of Arrows by Nadia Hassan


  1. Wish I had the talent to come up with my own fabrics! They are so cool! I love the arrows!

    1. I love those arrows too. Seeing the talent on Spoonflower is very very humbling.