Friday Finds: Get Away From It All.

Have you ever considered what it would be like to disappear for a few days with like-minded, crafty friends and just do your thing?

Our dear friend, Stitchlilly (quilter extraordinaire), is a big fan of crafting retreats and organizes a number of them throughout the year. Sometimes they're themed - quilting, knitting, etc. Sometimes they're just a bunch of crafters getting together to sit and make unimpeded progress on a project. As a matter of fact, due to a work committment, I'm missing one of those weekend-at-the-lake craft retreats right now. Sigh.

Not the actual cabin but I'd love to be sitting here and knitting...

You can plan these yourself - you just need a destination and a few friends to share the cost - or you can attend one of the larger, super-organized retreats that have become popular. Here are a couple of the bigger ones that Cassandra and I always lust after:


Retreats, workshops, and lots of inspiration. The next in their series is in September and is in conjunction with Taproot Magazine. More than crafting, Squam is about discovering the artist inside us all and connecting with like-minded friends and mentors.


"What lights you up? Who are you meant to be? Let's find out together." This is the challenge that greats you at Makearoo's website. Offering retreats, workshops, and mentoring, Makearoo has a real hands-on attitude (and a great sense of humor) about personal enrichment. Check out the blog!

Don't stop here though. If your thing is scrapbooking, you can spend an entire weekend with nothing but scrapbookers. Same for knitters, embroiderers, quilters, etc. etc. etc. Google search your favorite and start taking vacations that feed your soul. :)

- Alex

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  1. Sounds fun. I have read about sewing retreats in my area, but, unfortunately, they always have them on Saturdays and I have to work on that day every week! Hmm, maybe I should organize something for a Sunday? Will have to give this some thought...