Earl Grey Cupcakes

Man-o-man I love earl grey tea. I drink two huge mugs in the afternoon at work and at least one regular sized one in the evening. I'm pretty sure I'm an addict.

So it was no wonder that I got excited when I stumbled upon an Earl Grey Cake on Pinterest. The recipe is from the adorable Hummingbird High blog.

It made the most gorgeous cupcakes.

Now, technically, it is a lemon cake with meringue earl grey frosting. Yes, I said meringue, and no, it wasn't hard.

Part of making the meringue is to pour hot tea into the whipped egg whites. Like magic it transformed into easily the prettiest frosting I have ever seen in my life. So shiny with a tinge of grey. The next time I would have probably steep the tea even stronger, maybe even overnight. It had a hint of earl grey, but my addiction requires a punch.

The lemon cake was fine.

I'm sure my blasé attitude about that part was just me. I have a problem loving lemon cake. I love lemon flavor in almost anything, but in cake it can be kind of weird. It punches up the taste of the eggs and then all I can taste is eggs. I know, I'm an oddball. Everyone else in my house thought it was just fine.

There is something about these dainty cupcakes that make me feel super ladylike. Like I could slap on a string of pearls and have you over for a cup (not a mug) of tea.


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