Friday Finds: KnitPicks

Cassandra and I have had a long, happy relationship with KnitPicks. They've provided yarn support for most of our original designs and we go back again and again for personal supplies. I say this upfront so as to be totally honest about our love for this company.
While I do strongly believe that we should support our local yarn shops - especially those that carry local, "small batch" yarns - sometimes you just need a lot of choice or a price that doesn't break the bank, without sacrificing quality. This is where KnitPicks shines.

To this day, I am consistently amazed by the quality of KnitPicks yarns. It's always lovely to work with and beautifully dyed. I just swoon over the Harmony laminated birch wood needles with their layers of gorgeous color and super-pointy tips. Of course, they have patterns for sale but, even better, you can buy KnitPicks-exclusive patterns that are designed by their in-house designers! A lot of the patterns are also made available as kits - which great for two reasons: 1) you don't have to try to figure out which yarn to buy and 2) it's a good deal. I'm pretty sure you save some cash (especially if the kit is on sale) buying this way. And, no matter what you need for your project bag, tools, accessories, books and more, KnitPicks will have a great quality, great priced version.

I just bought this kit! Gorgeous!
KnitPicks mission is to provide quality, affordable yarns (and supplies). So, in keeping with that, they rarely do sales, unless it's to purge stock at the end of a season, because they're yarn is already quite inexpensive for the quality and choice that you get. However, right now, they're having a 40% off yarn sale so I'm adding to my stash in a bad way. Check out the Palette yarn... 

100% Peruvian wool, fingering weight.

It comes in ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY beautiful colors. Seriously. Makes me want to buy it all.

Also, they recently lowered the prices on a bunch of their needles - some as much as 26%. Makes me wonder if they're coming out with something new... Squee! Btw, their interchangeable circulars are really terrific, with a nice, smooth join and pliable cord. 

So... since most of you were probably already aware of KnitPicks, I hope that my evangelizing wasn't too annoying. When I find something I love, I really do want to tell the world. :)

- Alex

PS - They also have a killer blog and podcast!!