Man in the Wilderness Quilt Part 2

I know it's been a while since I promised you detailed images of the embroidery/applique blocks from my "Man in the Wilderness" quilt. Life got in the way...and as it says on the tin, we're Mighty Distractible over here.

The embroidery/applique panels on this quilt are what really made it a long-haul project. Sure, I could have programmed the letters into my sewing machine and embroidered them that way, or used a machine decorative stitch to attach the applique pieces. But that's not me. I wanted the viewer to be able to see the hand in this quilt. All of those hours stitching under a lamp gave my quilt the rustic look I wanted to achieve. One more step on my way to being Ma Ingalls (but I refuse to give up my Bernina and rotary cutter!).

It's been a while now since this project was finished, and I've moved on to design other quilts. So funny, these pictures already seem like snaphots of an old friend.


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