Okay, okay...I promise I'll stop talking about San Francisco after this post.

There wasn't a lot of time on my trip out west for the crafty shopping I really wanted to do...but I was able to pay a visit to one fabric/notions store. Whoa, what a store it was!

Check out that sign!

Britex is 3 stories of AMAZING. Two floors of fabric and one floor of ribbons, trims, and buttons. I could have actually moved in the decorator fabric section and lived there for a month or so. The fabrics were that luxurious.

Velvet beauty.
I was kicking myself for not having a dress pattern in mind because the selection of dress fabric was staggering. I'm pretty sure if I lived near that store I would have a handmade wardrobe. Sure, I could order this sort of fabric online, but seeing it in person has so much more impact.

The section I spent the most time devouring was the quilters cotton. I'm currently in the throes of making a quilt for my little bear and finding something to add from my trip sounded like a great idea. Sadly, the quilter's cotton selection was really small compared to the other fabrics they carry. Still, I found a few fun prints!

My booty.

You want to know something interesting? They don't have cutting tables at Britex. When you find a fabric you want, a sales clerk comes over and tears it off the bolt. I loved it! No standing in a cutting line!

Lately, I've been sewing and sewing. The new quilt I'm making has 15 log cabin blocks and I'm powering right through them. It's amazing...when you can see your own skill level move from beginner to intermediate, you know you're on your way.


PS - Britex has an online store too!

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