While Alex has had hands itchy to get out in the dirt and plant, my spring fever has manifested in a different way. Open windows, the sound of rain, and the familiar chirps of birds back from their southern vacation inspire me to clean and sew.

My studio was the focus of my most recent cleaning frenzy. Walls washed, stash organized (as best it could be), and clutter begone! It now feels delicious to be in this space.

Sometimes you have to make a mess to get things clean.

All I want to do is bind fabric with thread. Quilts, name it! Cotton yardage feels especially crisp and fresh in my hands. (Damn, I sound like one sick individual!)

Ahhh...I can breathe in here...

I've also been loving hand-sewing. Needle, floss, and the tight drum of an embroidery hoop have been just right while I'm watching a movie or sitting on a park bench at the playground.

Chicory coffee and handwork, yes please!
Chain stitch is like a little meditation.
I've picked up my knitting, but yarn is too heavy. Maybe it is me trying to shake off the dregs of the recent arctic blast...I don't know. But the knitting needles are not calling me.



PS: In the image of my little embroidery toolkit above, you will see the best marking pen in the known world. It's the Dritz Tailor's Marking Pen. is one of my favorite tools now. Makes a nice, sharp, dark line (in either white or blue) that comes off as easily as it goes on. I know it's more expensive, but it's worth every penny.

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