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Welcome to the last Spookytober post for this year. Like some people mourn the closing of the holiday season, I get sad towards the end of Halloween month. When the skeletons and spiders come down, I already start thinking about next year.

Here are some great resources online that are bookmark-worthy to spark the creepy side of your imagination...

Disney Family Fun
I was shocked to find some really fun things that I hadn't seen before on the Disney Family Fun site. Frankly, I usually find anything Disney-related too saccharine for my taste. I was particularly taken with the (quite labor intensive) apple slices carved into fake teeth and I don't even eat meat and I swooned over the Mummy Meatloaf. They have costume, decorating, and party ideas galore. Definitely a treasure-trove.

Martha Stewart
I am going to make a bold statement here. No one carves a better pumpkin in this world than the folks over at Martha Stewart. They could carve anything you set in front of them, spaghetti squash, pumpkins, basically anything with a shell. I know I can be a Marthaphile, but really, who else does a lace-carved pumpkin? The excellence over there humbles this wanna-be. And the Halloween shop on her site is a great place to get ideas as well. A lot of beautiful decorations out there can be hand-made if you don't want to purchase them.

My Halloween Ideas
This site is so much fun. Great ideas for decorating your front porch on trick-or-treat night, amazing secrets for making realistic bullet holes or a safety pin wounds, and even spooky stories. If you are having a Halloween party this is the reference site for you, neon jello shots, creepy-looking invitations, and more.

Inchmark Journal
This blog has some really cool ideas for Halloween costumes and treats. The neatest thing ever are the potted pumpkin pies. This is the best take-along treat concept that I have ever seen. There is also an owl costume for a little one that is simple, yet unbelievably adorable.

The Perfect Witches Hat

 I have been on the hunt for the perfect witches hat for a long time. As silly as it sounds, I have dreams of answering the door during trick-or-treat wearing with a hat so awesome that the kids squeal with delight. The required elements are: a very tall and pointy top with a little wonky curliness, a wide brim (preferably stiff), a really wide ribbon on the band (possibly some black flowers tastefully added around), and lastly, a spider or two hanging down from the brim. Black velvet would be my fabric of choice. I'm thinking Tim Burton-esque. I'd like to make my own, but in my web searches I have yet to find the perfect tutorial. What I think I will have to do at some point is create my own pattern, cobbled together from a few different ones. I found a couple here that will be great starting points: Dead Roses Witch Hat, and the hat from this Wicked Witch Costume. I'd love to hear tips from anyone who has tackled this sort of project!

So long Spookytober, I can't believe you are all done. The next 11 months can't pass fast enough!


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