On the Mend

I am not, by nature, a long-haul knitter. I like mittens, anything for children and the occasional grown-up sized sweater on large needles. In 2008 I finished a knitting project that seemed like it would never end... an afghan. It was a request of my husband, how could I say no to my guy? Luckily, I found a pattern that was "patchwork", like a quilt, and was able to knit squares and assemble later. It made the project much less daunting because I could stop and start in-between other small projects. Here is a lovely photo I took a couple years ago for my ravelry page:

After a few years and a few nice comments and fav's on ravelry... well, lets just say, the old fella just ain't what he used to be. There are some holes, and a bunch of pilling. It's really sort of sad.

Yeah, this is more of what it looks like now. An embarrassment:

So, I know the job ahead of me. I purchased a restora® sweater brick and found some of the leftover afghan yarn in my stash. This week, I will take on the slow, tedious job of bringing the afghan back to something a little closer to it's glory days. All those hours of knitting and seaming, they can't be gone in a matter of a few years. This crisis deserves my attention.

As always, this sort of thing gets me thinking. How can I have a knit-by-me item that's been around long enough for this sort of mending? At times, it seems just like yesterday that I learned to knit. All those dropped stitches, purls where the knits should be, and all of the other mistakes made by a new knitter that require fretful trips to the nearest lys. I've come a long way over the past 7, or so, years. This project was one of the first ones that I was really proud to say I made myself. It took a while to get to the point I'm at now, but I'm so glad I stuck with knitting and worked through my frustration. Any of you readers who don't think you have the patience to learn knitting, think again. It just takes some time and then like magic, it is second nature.

So, this week while I'm on the mend myself (from something minor, no worries)....I will spend quality time with an old friend. I think I've been crafty naval-gazing for enough of my posts now! My next post will be project related...I promise!

– Cassandra


  1. Im so glad to hear you're feeling well enough to tackle such a project already! Ben and I both wish you a speedy recovery! And btw, that afghan is so beautiful! I don't have the patience for something that big (said as i work furiously on a pi blanket made from sock yarn XDDD)

  2. Megan...anything made with sock yarn is ambitious! Even socks! Thanks for the well wishes, I am fortifying myself with hot tea and knitting so a speedy recovery is in order any time now.