It's Spookytober!

Here at Ooo! Shiny!, we REALLY love Halloween. We love it so much that it pretty much runs into our daily lives all year long in some way or another. The traditions, the movies and TV shows, the decorations, and of course the stories. We thought that. for the month of October, we would celebrate the spooky by reserving Friday's posts for Halloween-inspired topics. I am starting the month off by posting about a favorite subject of mine, podcasts.

 I listen to podcasts, spooky and otherwise, all week long. To me there is nothing better on a workday afternoon than making a beautiful cup of tea, dialing up a spooky podcast and getting down to some graphic design at my desk. Ahhh, heaven.

Here are 3 of my favorites at the moment:

Darkness Radio
This talk show is so much fun. I have been listening to it almost since it's inception. Darkness Radio Dave interviews guests on topics that range from ghosts, UFO's, cryptozoology, etc. I enjoy some topics more than others, but that's okay, this show is very entertaining.

They have had some format/time changes over the years, but, they currently broadcast over the radio every weeknight from 11pm until midnight out of Minnesota. I listen to the shows as a podcast download the next day. This works out great because they edit out the commercials and I can just hit play and not worry about skipping ahead.

Anything Ghost
Lex Wahl reads stories of first-hand paranormal experiences sent in by listeners. Occasionally, a listener sends in a mp3 of their own telling of the story (which I just love, there is nothing quite like hearing someone tell it themselves). Sometimes the stories make me roll my eyes while I am debunking their experience in my head, and sometimes they make me say holy *@#%! Each episode is roughly an hour long and is peppered through with Lex's original score, very ethereal and creepy-lovely.

The Moonlit Road
What I have to say about this one is WOW! This podcast's theme is ghost stories and strange folktales from the American south. Each episode is read by native southern professional storytellers. The production value is amazing. Trust me, if you listen to all of the past episodes, you will be waiting very impatiently for the next new one to be posted. Who knew that the southern-style spooky was so intriguing? All I can say is, they do it up right down there!

So, give it a try! Download a podcast, or two, and give a listen. In your car, at your desk, or with knitting in your lap (if you're lucky). These podcasts are a sure way to get you in the mood for Spooktober! If you have any other spooky-casts to add into the mix, post them in the comments. We'd love to hear about them!

– Cassandra


  1. Cassandra

    Thanks for listening and sharing Darkness Radio! I appreciate it.

    Dave Schrader

  2. Yay! Darkness Radio Dave in the house!! Glad to spread the word!