Giving Is Fun!

A couple Friday's ago Alex told you that we were on our way to our latest charity crafting afternoon. It was a wonderful (and productive) time and I finally have some images to share with you from our day.

Three of us worked on the Take-Along Quilt from the book Craft Hope by Jade Sims. This project is really fun to sew, but unfortunately the 4-hour window of time that we had to work on this project was not enough to complete our quilts. Being the "business people" that we are, we did try to proactively set some "efficiencies" in place to try to shave some time off the process. We centralized the cutting of the panels and the backing by having a non-sewer work the rotary cutter table and had another non-sewer pressing seams and smoothing wrinkles in fabric. While this did save us some time, sadly, not enough. I think that we are all about 3/4 of the way done with the quilts and when we reunite in April for another afternoon, we will all finish and maybe even be able to spend some time on a small project with the rest of the time.

We centralized cutting operations for a 19.45% increase in efficiency.
Seaming my Dr. Seuss quilt.
Erin figuring out her design.
Alex lining up her layers.
We had a no-sew fleece blanket project and the seaming of a patchwork knitted afghan going on at this table. We have also decided that we would love to line the back of the finished afghan with some flannel for extra warmth. Maybe we can squeeze that in next time too.
Then we had the knitting contingency. Baby hats for newborns and scarves for the homeless were the projects for the day over here. We heard a lot of laughter (and a few tears) from this table, I might have to join this group one of our next afternoons!

Love the knitters!
 Great times, great projects, and great people. I love our charity crafting group!


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