Making Lemons into Lemonade

Yesterday afternoon I had every intention of writing a post about our fabulous crafting for charity day we held last Friday. And then I realized that this past weekend I left my camera at my Mom's house (2-1/2 hours away). Wa..wa..waaaaa. We had taken lots of pictures to share with you here. There were newborn caps being knitted, no-sew blankets tied up, portable quilts being sewn and the seaming was completed on a knitted blanket for the homeless. It was a productive (and fun) day. And as soon as my mom mails me my camera back I will share the details with you dear readers.

So, on to plan B.

As much as I enjoy writing on this blog, I also enjoy reading the crafty blogs of others. I would like to share with you some of my favorites:

I stumbled upon this blog about a year ago. Amanda Soule is the mother of 4 littles (soon to be 5) who lives in a farmhouse in Maine (how charming is that?). Her photography is amazing and she writes about some really clever projects as well as musings on her day-to-day family life. She is a wildly successful blogger (who has 2 project books published on the strength of her blog) and there is a reason for that. She posts daily and what she writes/creates is always good.

Ysolda Teague is a very popular Scottish knitwear designer. She's young, ambitious and highly creative. Most of her blog is devoted to talk about her design process and her travels. It seems as though she is always at this show or that...and even yarn shops here in the US and in Europe. I really enjoy seeing where she's been and her impressions of the place. She's even been here to Madison, Wis. and her post about it couldn't have been sweeter. I wish I would have been able to get to that book signing!

The Purl Bee
This is the blog associated with the fabulous Purl Soho shop. The posts are almost always tutorials on projects for supplies that they carry. Really clever stuff. Some of my favorite projects are The Back to School Lunchbag, The Very Easy Pincushions, and Toddler Overalls. And I really mean these are just some of my favorites. They update their blog at least once a week with a fresh project so there are so many to drool over.

That is just a list of 3 of my favorite crafty blogs. I will share more at some point in the future. If you have a blog you would like to share with everyone, please put your url in the comments section so folks can go take a look!

Have a great day everyone... talk to you again soon!


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