Sentimental Journey

As I've mentioned before, I have been plugging away for a while at some hand-made Sesame Street decor for my older son's room. He has throw-pillows, a duvet cover, and a pillowcase for his "big boy pillow" (the embroidered band is finished and the case will probably be seamed up quickly tonight). There are other Sesame Street projects in the queue but, since there is only one of me and a family of 5... well, one room doesn't get done all at once.

All of my friends are well aware of my projects... I knit or embroider when I am out and social, blog about what I have going on, and, admittedly, I chatter a good deal about the topic as well. Most of my friends are not crafters but what I work on often jogs their memories about handmade gifts they received over the years from their mothers or some special person in their life. I love hearing those stories and seeing folks get sentimental. It's also interesting to remember what sort of crafts were in vogue 10, 20, or 30 years ago. I mean really, I defy you to find any woman from the age of 40-50 who didn't have a poncho knit from them in the 70's!

A couple days ago my friend, Melissa, told me she had something for me. And did she ever!

How beautiful are Big Bird's feathers here?
This Ernie and Bert embroidery is dated 1977 on the front.
Her mother made these for her in 1977 & 1978. We know what years exactly because she actually took the time to write a few sweet notes on the cardboard backings. I was shocked at such a gift. These hold sentimental value for Melissa... but she gifted them to me because she knew I would appreciate them. And I do. I will be tending to their cleaning and care and putting them in new frames. These embroideries (I would label as crewelwork) are amazing. Her mother did a perfect job and they have definitely held up just fine over the years. I wish I had a time machine because apparently these were made from kits, and good Sesame Street project kits cannot be found anywhere these days!

I'm so glad to share this project from the past with you today. Hopefully 30 years from now, someone will be waxing poetic about a handmade item I made for them. Wouldn't that be the best?


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