My kind of town!

Alex and I had the privilege of attending the HOW Design Conference this past 4 days (thus the absence of a post on Friday) in Chicago. We had a much-needed recharging of our batteries. It's such a luxury to be able to get out of town with the specific mission of creative inspiration. Our conference filled us with ideas and Chicago filled us with good food and the natural excitement that comes from visiting that town.

During one of our lunch breaks I was wandering downtown on foot and stumbled upon a really cute yarn shop, Loopy Yarns. It is located in the historic Dearborn Station on Polk Street. The building is quite grand.

Anyone would be truly lucky to have this yarn shop in their neighborhood. They carry a wide selection of workhorse yarns such as Cascade and lovely, lovely things such as a madelintosh and Malabrigo. If you are ever in Chicago, make sure to stop by for a peek. I will admit to having fallen in love with 8 skeins of madelinetosh vintage in the colorway "nutmeg" when I was there. Mustardy-orange is my signature color, how could I resist?

Interior shot of Loopy Yarns in Chicago.
I have been wanting to knit the Tea Leaves Cardigan for ages (it suggests this brand in the pattern) and it seemed like the time and the place to dive in and just buy it. It is so beautiful. I can't stop looking at or talking about this yarn. I'm sure I have driven everyone nuts with this already...what is going to happen when the sweater is done? Will I be shamelessly flaunting it?? I have problems.

My gorgeous yarn.
 As a rule, I am not a big fan of hand-dyed yarn because the color is usually too variegated for my taste. This yarn however has only subtle color differences. Enough to make it rich and interesting. It took all my will power to not set all the unpacking aside and wind it up when I got home last night. I resisted, for now. Tonight I might just have to cast-on (after a few more loads of laundry).



  1. Oooh, your yarn really is gorgeous! I'd so love to try some Madelinetosh, but you can't get it over here unless you buy online, and I want to touch it first *laughs* Looks like a fab yarn store ;)

  2. Let me tell is awesome. I had no idea until I saw it in person. Go ahead and order some my sister from across the pond!!