Food and Fall

The other night I went through my recipe box and in the interest of simplicity, tossed away most of its contents. Pouring over those cards and clippings was like taking a trip through the different ways I've chosen to eat over the last 20 years. My meals of today are (mostly) meatless so if a recipe could not be adapted to my current lifestyle, it was a goner.

Brandy slush is meatless.
But even in throes of therapeutic purging there were some recipes that I couldn't possibly get rid of... my Grandma's. While I may not be making these mostly beef and veal dishes anytime soon, they are close to my heart. The food I grew up eating was home-made, simple, ethnic, and delicious. As a matter of fact, I have had big plans to gather all of my Grandmother's recipes and create a family cookbook to share with my cousins. I need to make that happen soon.

Slovenian beef-broth soup just like my Grandma's.
For now, I am evaluating, sorting, and organizing what I have chosen to keep out of my own collection. The plan is to type them all up neatly into Word docs to store electronically so I can easily reprint a damaged copy or be able to share with a friend. I have a spiral bound notebook with plastic pocket pages that I will neatly fill with all these recipes. Eventually I will embroider a pretty heirloom book cover that hopefully last 100 years.

Fall makes me sentimental about food. What can I say? :)


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