Friday Finds

We're launching a new feature here at Mighty Distractible - Friday Finds. This is our attempt at passing on some of the cool things we find on the web, without the normal verbose exposition*.

*Verbose Exposition is my Talking Heads cover band.

I'm pretty sure that Cassandra wanted to do this to see if I could, possibly, post something without having to include a 500 word essay with it. LOL  No way, Jose.

Anyway, at lunch I declared that I'm only ever getting recipes from the Internet from now on, since the ham and scalloped potatoes recipe that I made for today's potluck came out so amazingly. So, for today's Friday Finds, I give you The Best-Ever Ham & Scalloped Potato Recipe. (see below for the changes I made)


Changes I made:

1. I was too lazy to cut the potatoes so I used defrosted OreIda Hash browns instead.
2. I used prepared brown mustard instead of mustard "spices" like he shows.
3. I cooked it in the crock pot - on high for 2.5 hours and then low for about an hour or so.

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