Peek #2

As Cassandra mentioned on Monday, we Distractibles are participating in a trunk show this weekend. It's kind of a funny thing because, while we are (we suppose) artists of a sort, we don't actually make "product" like most artists.

The bonafide artists that will be at the show include a potter, a photographer, an illustrator, and others of that nature. We bloggers had a tough time figuring out how to represent ourselves at this shindig.

In the end, we settled on the idea of providing people with things that would allow them to "make" the way we "make" - things to encourage creativity. So, on our table you'll find:

1. Embroidery kits based on our Woodland Series embroidery patterns
2. Custom hand-dyed yarn from a local farm
3. Recipes from the Mighty Distractible archives
4. Knitting patterns
5. Tote bags for the fashionable crafter

It's been a bit of a bear, pulling all this together. We tried not to get in over our heads but, when you don't do this regularly, there are lots of loose ends that have to be dealt with. Personal crafting and, frankly, personal life has taken a back seat to getting this stuff done. Hopefully we'll have lots of attendees at the event and we'll sell out of all our cool stuff! If not, you'll be seeing a Mighty Distractible Etsy store soon after. LOL!

If you're in the Madison area, please stop by on Saturday. It's sure to be a lot of fun.


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  1. Oh, that show sounds wonderful, such a shame I can't make it :( But I think a plane ticket might be a bit pricey! Hope you have a fabulous time, and I think it sounds like you're taking just the right things with you :)