Friday Finds: Ehrman Tapestry

I totally don't know how to needlepoint, but the people over at Ehrman Tapestry make me want to start. Their designs are stunning! I actually stumbled upon them in an ad in my Smithsonian magazine of all places. Pillows, wall hangings, chair seat cushions, rugs, etc.

They have classic designs like this:


Land and Sea

Designs inspired by classic art:

"Rust", design inspired by Gustav Klimt

And even limited editions from modern-day design rock stars:

French Cityscape by Kaffe Fassett. Watch out, this one is spendy!!
I think I have to order one, I really think I do!



  1. I'm working on a very small needlepoint kit from Joanne's. It's fun but I think I prefer embroidery.

    1. That's a good idea! Maybe I should pick up something small like that and try it out!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.