Little Projects

I am so excited for this's finally Craft-a-Palooza time again! Normally this 2-day sewing marathon is just my cousin Sandy and me hammering out small sewing projects with gusto. But this weekend our Grandma is joining the party. Yeah! I'm sure this veteran crafty rock star will have a lot of knowledge to share with us kids.

Craft-a-Palooza weekends are an instant gratification free-for-all. No big projects allowed. We want to start and finish something fun in two days...and, hopefully, make lots and lots of whatever that fun thing is (in between chasing children and snacking).

Normally, my cousin and I exchange emails containing project ideas for the weekend. Unfortunately the the summer has been so busy, we haven't followed our normal protocol. But, I've been poking around on the interwebs and I have a few ideas to get us started.

Handy Items (who doesn't need this stuff):

The Square Deal Pincushion by Heather Bailey

A really cute pincushion that we could make assembly-line style. I'm thinking Holiday gifts for everyone!

Box Pouch Tutorial by Make It Modern

A while ago we made zippered bags, this boxy one goes one step further.

Emmeline Apron by Sew Liberated

I have been aching to make a cute apron for quite some time now.


Travel Messenger Bag by Susanne Woods

Kid's Messenger Bag by Zaaberry

Maybe messenger bags for the kids? Sandy's are a bit older than mine so we might have to use 2 different patterns.

Just Plain Selfish Me

Art Smock by Oliver & S
I might have to barter some older-boy pajama bottom sewing for some help knocking out an art smock for my kindergartener.

Speaking of Pajamas...

Making pajamas is an awesome way to spend a weekend. Even the bigger boys (and daddy's too) love having fun pajama bottoms. I recently bought this pattern for my littles and I have a stack of fabric just waiting to be sewn into night-time cuteness:

Bedtime Story Pajamas by Oliver & S

Who knows? Maybe none of these projects will make it on the roster next week after Grandma gets some ideas flowing or Sandy has a eureka when trolling Pinterest this week. No matter what we make, we will have a blast. I will be sure to share the hand-made bounty with you next week!



  1. Oooh, I want those pjs myself ;) Love the apron too - much cuter than any you could get in the shops. Can't wait to see what you guys end up making :)

    1. Oh, there will definitely be a show and tell next week!

  2. Sounds fun! Enjoy your time crafting and just hanging out with your peeps!

  3. Aw, how fun! I love the projects on your list. I hope it went well!