Friday Finds: Anthopologie's Fall Housewares

I love Anthropologie enough to marry it. Admittedly, I usually b-line over to the clothes section...but this fall's houseware line has captured my imagination. Could it be because it is a woodland animals inspired collection called "Wild Things"? (Ahem) Some of my fave's:

Love these lines...and if you look closely, the fabric is a really natural cotton.

Natural World dessert those bugs.

Rustic Romp Taper Holder. I can't live without this.

Flight Navigation still my heart.

Fox Forestry Hook. I know exactly where I want this.
Aqua Ombre Velvet Pillow. No one would be allowed to touch this but me!

Have a few moments? Hop over to Anthopologie and bask in the chic-ness of it all. :)


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